Memo July 10th : Return to play – Phase 3

Find the Return to play guidelines in the following link⇓⇓

Guidelines Low Contact Games v1


Friday July 10th, 2020

Memo: Return to Play – Phase 3 Soccer

New Brunswick is currently in the Yellow level of the Covid-19 recovery plan. Organized sports activities may operate as per the guidance provided to them by their national or provincial organization, as long as they identify means to limit the number and intensity of close contacts during play.

All provincial, regional or local leagues shall maintain operational plans to ensure compliance with this guidance. They will also be subject to the COVID-19 general guidance. All reasonable attempts shall be made to respect physical distancing measures as much as possible except brief contacts on or off the field.

Soccer New Brunswick will move to Phase 3 of the Return to Play Plan on Saturday July 11th. In initial first 2 weeks of phase 3, teams of the same club can play games following the guidelines establish by Soccer NB.


We will transition to games between teams of different clubs on Saturday July 25th. Please review the Phase 3 Low Contact Games Rules & Guidelines document attached in with this Memo.


You will find attached to this Memo the Return to Play Operational Plan Guide-Low Contact for Soccer. It will help you get familiar with the return to play protocols and restrictions.


Feel free to contact us for any questions relating to the Return to Play Operational Plan and we will be happy to assist. We invite you to submit your Return to Play Operational Plan to the following office email address:


We continue to thank you for your support and the work you are all doing in your organizations and communities.

Keep well and stay positive.

Soccer New Brunswick

Tél. : (506) 850-9031


Referee Education Sessions


Referee Education Sessions Starts this week:

Another Referee development program will be launched this week.

The aim of this program is to improve the qualities of referees by working on important subjects which influence the performance of officials during matches.

A series of online education sessions where referees will receive training play reading and anticipation, movement, positioning, advantage, game management, teamwork and other themes.

These series will be presented by Local instructors, Canadian Premier League referees, national instructors, FIFA referees and FIFA Instructors.

This Course is accessible for referees registered in 2020.

Here is the link to register for 2020/2021 :

For more information, please contact Kamel at



Friday May 1st, 2020

Memo: Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)

Soccer New Brunswick, in consultation with Canada Soccer and provincial government authorities have been monitoring the most recent developments of COVID-19 and are currently assessing operational plans for Return to Play.

We had a meeting with our provincial government and the sport branch, where they listened to our concerns and challenges of our community. We are committed to work on an innovative return to play protocol where our soccer community will play a big role. The safety and health of our participants will be first and foremost in the decision-making to come.

Other Canadian provinces associations have also begun the process of planning the re-opening of soccer operations in a phased-in approach.

There is now an opportunity to begin thinking about what that Return to Play might look like for soccer in our province. Soccer New Brunswick will organize a call with its members to collect input on what Return to Play may look like.

Soccer New Brunswick is working to ensure the continuity of our activities in the best possible way so we can keep moving forward.

Soccer NB makes available to its members online programs, including:

– Personalized home program for players.

– Online courses and workshops for coaches.

– Online courses and workshops for referees.

We invite you to consult our social networks and our website to learn about the programs and also to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Please note that, virtual training must only be available to registered members (no live streaming to the general public)


For any questions relating to your regional or club activities, we invite you to contact your club or league directly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Soccer New Brunswick

Tél. : (506) 850-9031




Referee Workshop During Social Distancing

Many changes were made in the 2019/2020 Laws Of The Game.

These modifications are applied starting April first, 2020 in New Brunswick.

For this purpose and to ensure that NB referees are up to date, Soccer NB offered 8 sessions as a Refresher Course this year.

All Session were presented Online by 7 NB instructors who also took this course On February 1st, 2020.

4 Canada Soccer Guests have attended the course:

Joe Audi: National assessor & National Championships Referees Supervisor.

Carman King: Canada Soccer National Referee Committee Member.

Isaac Raymond: Canada Soccer Referee Manager

Pierre-Luc Lauzière: National Referee & Current MLS and CONCACAF Referee.