Bad Weather Policy

Rain/Weather policy:

As the weather becomes an issue within the soccer season, I would just like to remind everyone of the rain policy and the cancellation of fields.

When there are games scheduled during the week, your respected town and/or field representative will confirm the field closures through their respected method. The City of Moncton and of Dieppe, as well as the Town of Riverview all have there respected websites where an update on the field closures is posted after 3:00 pm (see below for links to websites).

Moncton —

Dieppe —

Riverview —

When thunder and lightning is forecast during your game, even if it has already started, you must make your way to your assignment and follow this procedure :

  • If you see lightning or hear thunder, get everybody (players, coaches, parents, fans) to a safe place;
  • You must wait 30 minutes after the first sign of thunder/lightning, if this occurs, resume game;
  • If the above does not occur, and there is a lack of time, end the game;
  • If you have to cancel the game, you are only paid if you have started the game.

Cancellation policy:

It may often happen that you need to cancel an assigned game. If you know of your commitment in advance, we ask that you advise your zone coordinator of your cancellation 72 hours in advance. If by chance that you cannot, please do let them know as soon as possible. During the weekend, we ask that you find your own replacement, a referee who is qualified and registered with the SNBRA and is able to do your assigned game. If this does occur, once again it is important that you advise your zone coordinator of the change the next business day in order for them to change their records. If needed, a list of contacts can be provided to you.