Referee Clinics

Current Scheduled Referee Events





Date Course Link to register duration
Feb 11,12 and 13 Entry Level Clinic 1 12h
Feb 15th Pathway to success 2h
March 1st Instructor Refresher 3h
March 3rd Refresher Course 1 2h
March 5&6 Entry Level Clinic 2 12h
March 10th Refresher Course 2 2h
March 22nd Challenges 2h
March 31 Tactical Fouls 2h
April 12 Handball 2h
April 23 & 24 Entry Level Clinic 3 12h
April 26th Offside 2h
May 7th Refresher Course 3 2h
May 10th Refresher Course 4 2h
May 14,15 Entry Level Clinic 4 12h
  • Please note the April 23-24 entry-level course will be rescheduled at a later date. 



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