Soccer New Brunswick is a non-profit organization that was established on November 30, 1965 in Fredericton. The Association consisted of senior teams only until 1976, when youth soccer became a part of the sport in Canada.

As throughout Canada, Soccer has seen unprecedented growth through the 1990’s to today and is seen as the largest sport in Canada.

If you feel that there is an issue in your region that you would like to speak to someone about please find your regional rep listed in the list of Board Members and feel free to contact them.


2021-2022 Soccer New Brunswick Board Members

Kevin Topolniski

Thomas Raffy

Director at large & Chair of the Financial Commitee
Stéphanie Cormier

Director / North West & Secretary
Anne-Marie Robinson

Director / South
Amanda Coakley

Director / North
Remi Sciacca

Director at large
Jean Keith

Director / East
Samuel Charron

Director / West
Shelley Skidd