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In soccer, all teams are associated with a Club or School. Its best to reach out to them and see where coaching resources are needed. Click HERE to find a club near you.
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A criminal background check is required to coach youth soccer. This is done at your local RCMP detachment. Follow this guide to have this service completed.
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The National Coaching Certification Program helps to empower coaches with knowledge and skills whilst governing the certifications associated with these abilities. View coaching resources and move from Trained to Certified here.
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As the governing body for soccer in New Brunswick, Soccer NB is responsible for training coaches from grassroots to national team level. With the increasing number of players registering with clubs across the country this represents a considerable challenge. In order to meet this challenge we follow the Canada Soccer Pathway (LTPD) and tailored our Coach Education Program to this model. As a result, a two-streamed education program has been developed in conjunction with the NCCP and each provincial/territorial that is the best method to meet the needs of both developing coaches and the sport itself.

The Streams through which a coach may enter and/or advance through are:


Each of these Streams include a number of workshops designed to prepare coaches for working with players in a specific stage of development as outlined in the LTPD Model.

Below you will find an overview of the structure of the new program.