Please visit for all information relating to the New Brunswick Soccer Referee Association (NBSRA).

Scott Scichilone
NBSRA President

Gary Williams
no phone
Gary will assist the President as deemed necessary. Gary will chair and oversee any disciplinary issues that involve a member of the NBSRA.
​Gary will also be looking after the registrations. If you have concerns with registration, please contact him.

John Eatmon
NBSRA Treasurer
John will look after all accounting for the NBSRA. Any money in or out, John will keep track of.

Alexie Noble
NBSRA Secretary
no phone
Alexie will take the minutes of all meetings.
​She is also in charge of sending out all materials to the instructors or officials. Which can include whistles, badges, Laws of the Game English or French.

John Eatmon
Director of Development
John will oversee all development for the NBSRA.
​He will train, develop and assign instructors as necessary.
Along with the local zone coordinators and the Director of Assessments, will develop officials by holding training sessions, special events, assessments, mentoring, etc.

John Bettle
Director of Assessments
John will direct all assessors in NB. Train and develop as deemed necessary.
​John will appoint assessors to match’s.

Ben Millett
East Zone Coordinator
Ben will assign and develop officials in and around the Moncton area.

Philip Thompson
West Zone Coordinator
Phil is the zone coordinator for the West….which includes in and around the Fredericton area.
​Phil will assign officials to Division 1 and Premier levels using goalline.
If you have any questions or concerns with regards to scheduling or development, please contact him.

Michael Svarc
South Zone Coordinator
Mike is the zone coordinator for the East. Which includes the areas of St. Stephen to Sussex.
​Mike will assign officials to games in Division 1 and the Premier leagues.
If you have any questions with regards to scheduling or development, please contact him.

Marc Arseneau
North Zone Coordinator

Troy Cox
North-West Zone Coordinator

Younes Bouida
SNB Contact
Soccer New Brunswick Executive Director

Darren Spidell
Goalline Administrator
Anything related to goalline, please contact the administrator!