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Long Term Player Development (LTPD) is a program for soccer development, training, competition and recovery based on biological age (physical maturity) rather than chronological age. It is player-centered, coach-driven and supported by administration, sport science and sponsors alike.


  • Eliminates gaps in the player development system
  • Guides planning for optimal athlete performance at all stages
  • Provides a framework for program alignment and integration, from volunteer club coaches to national and profession
  • al teams
  • Follows scientific principles and practical coaching experiences

Benefits for players & parents

  • Better understanding of what makes a good soccer program
  • More players learning at their level and having fun
  • Appropriate game and league structures (e.g. size of balls, goals, fields, etc.)
  • More opportunities for players to realize their athletic potential
  • More coaches who are knowledgeable in leading safe, effective practices

Benefits for coaches & clubs

  • Information and education on effective coaching and practice methods
  • Guidelines for appropriate game structures
  • Guidelines for appropriate competition levels
  • Established pathways for player development for all levels of ability and ambition
  • Affirmation of best practices for coaches and club administrators

Benefits for all

  • Competitive behavior is fostered in players, while over-competitive behavior is discouraged in adults (coaches and parents)
  • Players, parents, coaches and administrators understand that players are unique and therefore different in interest and aptitude
  • Players stay involved in the sport throughout their lives (as players, coaches, referees or club administrators)
  • Soccer grows, and lifelong wellness is promoted for players of all ages, genders and levels of ability and disability


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