NBIAA ‘No Swearing’ Campaign

The “No Swearing” campaign encourages all teams to participate in this campaign by making a team commitment – both players and coaches – to refrain from using profanity.

Such a commitment equates to making a positive contribution to society by employing the admirable self-discipline – and respect for others – required to honour such a commitment.

Profanity is offensive to spectators, parents, teacher observers and more than ever, coaches and athletes.  Allowing it to occur during practice increases the likelihood that profanity will be used during games, where it can produce rule infractions and hurt your team and school’s image.


  1. Not using profanity sets a good example for others; using profanity does just the opposite.
  2. Coaches are the key!  A coach who refrains from using profanity and strongly discourages such use by all team members, is acting as a true “sports educator” and we are HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS.
  3. People admire others who act in a civil manner, no matter what the circumstance.
  4. Profanity often leads to hurt feelings and even acts as a precursor to violent behaviour.

In an effort to curb the use of profanity, the NBIAA would like each school to support this campaign by displaying the “No Swearing” poster at all NBIAA events.

The NBIAA will also be sending out this message to all official associations and provincial sport organizations, to let them know that penalties are in place when profanity is used by NBIAA participants.

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