GOAL Program

What is the GOAL PROGRAM
The GOAL PROGRAM is a Soccer New Brunswick funding program that helps provide high-quality, accessible community sport and soccer facilities across New Bruncwick by encouraging:
 – Increased soccer participation for all New Brunswickers
-  Increased volume of soccer activity
 – Increased access to sport and soccer opportunities
 – Better planning of soccer facilities
 – Innovative soccer and recreation facilities
 – Environmentally sustainable facilities
The GOAL PROGRAM provides grants for building new, and improving existing facilities where communities conduct, organize and participate in soccer. Funding is available under the following categories*:
Grants of up to $50,000 is available for each region that can match it and that is working in partnership with local, provincial and Federal governments, to develop or upgrade soccer facilities to provide high-quality soccer experience for all New Brunswickers.

Why is Soccer New Brunswick is funding this grant?
Strong, active and healthy communities need high quality, accessible, well-designed and managed facilities for sport and soccer activities. Developing new facilities or improving the quality of existing facilities to increase participation and wellbeing of all participant
Construction of new or improved facilities also stimulates the local economy and creates a range of employment and volunteer opportunities, from construction and facility management, through to coaching and officiating.

Who can apply?
Soccer New-Bruswick Regions can apply directly by submitting an Expression of Interest Form for GOAL Program directly to Soccer New-Brunswick’s office.
Each regional organisation can only access funds once every 5 years. Reegional organisations are advised to contact their local city council about timelines for expressions of interest. and also to discuss their project with their MLA and MP before submitting their project proposal. 

What is the application process?
The application process will include the submission of Project Proposal and Full Application.
Each application will be sent following a mandatory discussions with Soccer New Brunswick. This approach gives applicants the opportunity to get early feedback on project ideas and provides the opportunity to work more closely with Soccer New Brunswick to enhance potential outcomes.

Step One: Contact Soccer New Brunswick
Discuss your project idea with Soccer New Brunswick representative before submitting a Project Proposal. We will provide:
– Advice on the most appropriate form of support for your project
– Guidance on the development of proposals that have merit, that align with funding objectives and that are ready to proceed.

Step Two: Project Proposals
Complete your Project Proposal form and submit the Project Proposal via email.
Supporting documentation is not required to be submitted and will not be assessed at Project Proposal stage.

Step Three: Notification
Soccer New Brunswick will advise your organization of Project Proposals supported to Full Application.

Step Four: Full Application
Organization notified of supported Project Proposals in Step Three will be invited to submit a Full Application. Full Applications may only seek an amount equal or lesser than that approved in Step Three and should not change in scope.