2018-2019 Player/Parent Satisfaction and Retention Survey

Dear Soccer Parent/Player,

Thank you for taking the time to complete this short, confidential survey.

The aim of this survey is to find more information about what types of soccer activity players and/or parents participate in and what they like/dislike most. The results will provide valuable information to help improve programs and the soccer experience for those at your club, and in New-Brunswick.

If your child playing soccer is old enough to complete the survey for themselves, please ask them to complete this survey. The questions are phrased as if the player is answering. If you complete the survey for your child, please answer as you think they would.

If you have two or more children in the club’s soccer programs last season, please complete the survey separately for each of your children.

Soccer NB

Please enter your postal code so we can better track which region this survey originates from. Only the first three characters will be used to ensure your results remain anonymous.

How important is each of the following to you when you play soccer?

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Following the same points - Rate your club's soccer programs.

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Would you be more or less likely to want to play soccer next season:

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